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How many engineers does it take - Diversity

Jan 28 2014 01:43 AM · GoldenTao

We were sitting around one afternoon and wondered how many engineers it would take to complete some popular Minecraft Maps. Today we uploaded the first part of our first attempt at Diversity a CTM map for Minecraft 1.7.4.

Let us know your thoughts and any other maps you'd like to see us try!

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Intel Strike! back on Punching Blocks

Nov 02 2013 12:54 PM · GoldenTao

Attached Image: 2013-11-02_22.39.15.png

After quite a break, Intel Strike! from The Farlanders is back on Punching Blocks in the Arcade.

While 1.7 had disabled server side resource packs, we've update the map so it resembles the textured version as closely as possible. The Intel has instead become Intel Crystals, don't worry they are still accepted by the upload areas.

As always, if you have any trouble with the servers, please let us know on the forums and we'll have more game modes coming soon!

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Happy Halloween!

Oct 31 2013 01:26 PM · GoldenTao

Attached Image: 2013-10-31_23.19.20.png

Thanks to one of our moderators, Adam we have a brand new game type up and running for your Halloween fun. You can find it in the Arcade area of the lobby, just jump in with 2 or more people and collect as many pumpkins as you can find.

If you have any problems please let us know in the forums.

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Back Online.... Kinda [1.7.2]

Oct 28 2013 01:45 AM · GoldenTao

After a bit of downtime due to hosting issues, we're now on a host that is super responsive and has some blisteringly fast servers.

Over the weekend we've spent some time getting the Lobby and Walls servers back up and running on 1.7.2. Unfortunately this is the older walls update and doesn't include our new timers and team selection but that will be up in the next week.

The survival server is currently also down because 1.7 just isn't quite stable enough to host a full survival server and a number of the mods have not even started looking at 1.7 compatibility yet.

Over the next few days, we'll bring more servers and game modes back online, including a new game type from one of our mods, Adam :)

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New Lobby and Updates

Aug 05 2013 01:01 AM · GoldenTao

Attached Image: 2013-08-05_11.06.27.png

After quite the little break, we're back with updates!

Most have seen the new lobby that is now up for everyone to run about and see all the game types and servers that we have. We've now added the compass teleport and rules book to help get around and we have a new IP to connect to for all the servers.

Minecraft IP: play.punchingblocks.com

We've now pushed out an update for both the Survival Games and Walls servers and they are all up and running as is our Survival Server. If you want to play on the survival server please request to be whitelisted in this thread, http://punchingblock...urvival-server/

We'll be working on getting the PVP and Arcade servers up very soon, but in the meantime check out the Walls and Survival Games servers and let us know what you think or if you run into any bugs while playing.

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Minecraft 1.5.2 Update

May 02 2013 10:17 PM · GoldenTao

We've just updated all the Walls and our Survival Server to 1.5.2.

Please let us know if you have any problems in the forums.

Enjoy :)

Survival Games and PVP servers will be updated over the weekend.

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Intel Strike! now on Punching Blocks

Apr 13 2013 10:20 AM · GoldenTao

The Farlanders have been releasing some great content on YouTube and have just released their brand new PVP map, Intel Strike!

We've been lucky enough to be one of the first communities hosting the new map which you can find on pvp1.punchingblocks.com.

Check it out, it's a lot of fun while being extremely frustrating at the extreme precision that the TNT falls near you.

As always, if you have any troubles please let us know in the forums.

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Survival Server 1.5 Reset Saturday 9pm GMT

Mar 19 2013 12:15 PM · GoldenTao

Attached Image: 2013-03-19_21.56.31.png

It's time. With the Minecraft 1.5 update becoming available and the need to regenerate the nether so we can easily find Quartz, we're going to reset the Survival Server map.

To have some fun with the change over, we'll be having a little pre-reset event where TNT and all block damage will be enabled and we'll provide players with some explosives to have fun with for about an hour before we shut down the server and launch the new map.

This event will take place at 9pm GMT (link to world clock)

We're still looking for a good seed to use for the new world (leave you suggestions in this thread or the Survival Server forum) and those attending the event can help us pick a final seed.

Don't worry if you are not white listed, we will disable the white list for this event.

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Survival Games now available!

Feb 21 2013 08:25 AM · Rafael Rivera


It took us longer than expected but the team is proud to finally present the Punching Blocks version of Survival Games!

Today, we have two servers up and running with our handcrafted Survival Games plugin. This plugin also ties into a lobby/map voting system – something you’ll need as we’ve installed every single Vareide Survival Games map for maximum variety.

If you have any problems or want to suggest a tweak, give us a shout in the dedicated Survival Games forums.

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Minecraft 1.4.6

Dec 22 2012 02:55 PM · GoldenTao

We've just completed upgrading all the servers to 1.4.6. Please let us know in the forums if you have any trouble as there have been some fairly major changes to the minecraft server we use (Bukkit) that could lead to issues with the plugins particularly on the survival server.

Enjoy and we here at PunchingBlocks hope you have a great holiday season.

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